RPooli configuration files follow the .properties file format. You can read more information about the format here .

RPooli is configured by three distinct configuration files that represent three configuration domains:

  • R/Rj nodes configuration, including the R code snippet to be run for each new node that is created,
  • Pool configuration, including size and time-outs,
  • Network configuration, including the host and port of the RMI registry.

RPooli loads these files from a detected configuration directory, which is the first file system path that exists and is a directory in the following list:

  • /etc/rpooli
  • ~/.rpooli
  • /WEB-INF , in the web-app work dir
  • the OS temporary directory
The last option is obviously a non-production grade fallback.

If any of these configuration files is missing, RPooli will use default values and will be able to start anyway.

All the configuration domains of RPooli can be modified via its API. When a configuration domain is modified via the API, the corresponding `.properties` file is generated and persisted in the file system, at the location where they were initially loaded from or, if none pre-existed, at the detected configuration directory.


Here are a examples of the three configuration files: